Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 is a first person shooter game from Swedish company DICE an abreviation of EA Digital Illusions CE. The engine the game runs on is Frostbite 2 which can create a varied amount of realisation. The game focuses a lot on vehicles, whether that be air, land or sea based. The main objective of the game in the campaign mode is to complete each mission as a specific character, the missions in general range from vehicle based to on foot and so on. The main objective of the game online, depending on what game mode you are playing are to defend or attack consoles, capture and control different flags and kill the opposing team. There is a third game mode in Battlefield 3 called co-op, which is where you complete set missions but with a real person via online. Because Battlefield 3 is a current gen console game the dynamics and graphics of the game are very high, also sound and picture quality will be notably better than standard definition games since this game does support high definition. The game was released on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on October 28, 2011 in Europe. On PC the amount of people in one game can go up to 64, whereas on the Xbox 360 and PS3 since both consoles are less advanced than PC the amount of people can only go up to 24.

As you can see by the image on the right the game is expansive and highly detailed. The HUD shows things like the map, members of your squad, your current vehicle health and soldier health, your ammuntion count and in the top right corner it displays which person has been killed by who and by what weapon.

The terrain mostly consists of hilly, grassy areas although there are some urban areas. The architecture can range from anything like buildings and tunnels to antennas and bridges. The objects in the game are mostly firearms with a few exceptions in the form of grenades and knives.  The characters in the game are all soldiers either from the USA or Russia. The perspective for the game is first person as i stated before only the weapon you are carrying and your hands are visible, although in vehicles you can change the camera from first person to third person. The rewards in the game depending on which game mode you are playing include in multiplayer XP and progressive ranking and in single player more weapons. The difficulty can be changed in single player to fit your personal preference ( easy, medium, hard etc). The game, especially multiplayer is highly addictive because you are constantly gaining new equipment and weapons. The cost of the game when it was released was around £40 however over the years the price has dropped so now it would usually average around £15. Overall I think that the game is brilliant it has the right amount of action and well scripted moments. the video linked here is gameplay of the multiplayer map named ‘Caspian Border’ it features most of the vehicles available in the game apart from those that are sea based. The map is probably the biggest in the game although there are a few close contenders notably ‘Operation Firestorm’. This map however includes lots of trees, large rocks and foliage for cover which in some instances can provide useful. The more urban maps for example ‘Siene Crossing’ provide a lot more cover and buildings that the player can enter, also vehicles are a bit more restricted since the urban maps are more constrictive.

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